Skins available

Skin Name Version Category Description Skin Picture Game Picture Features
PC remote 2.0 Game

Control your PC or any application by using Pocket Gamepad. You can use keyboard, touchpad and also shortcuts. You can shift your work to higher level by using tablet with this skin.

PC remote PC remote In Game

– mouse touchpad
– mouse track point
– keyboard

C130 flight simulator 2.0 Game

Flight simulator, on-line game

C130 flight simulator C130 flight simulator In Game

Pulse controlling.

Counter Strike 2.0 Game

Play Counter Strike with your smart phone.

Counter Strike Counter Strike In Game

– TouchPad
– Buttone

Crash Drive 2.0 Game

Drive a car. Developed also for:
– Super drift 3
– Thunder cars
– Classic rallye
– Tanks

Crash Drive Crash Drive In Game

Mobile positon controls:
– throttle
– breaks
– steering wheel

Flash Games 2.0 Game

Generic skin for playing on-line flash games.

Flash Games Flash Games In Game
Football Legends 2.0 Game

Multi-player on-line game.

Football Legends Football Legends In Game

Multi-player game
– keyboard